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The Very Strange Story of David Copperfield
Contrary to the expectations of many viewers, the film that comes out on the big screen is not about the adventures of the famous magician. Based on the novel by Charles Dickens, the film in the 21st century gives a new reading of the classic story. But will it do her any good?
David Copperfield is a quirky character with a turbulent life full of strange characters, joy and tragedy. The guy visited the bottom of life and was able to reach its heights, and in any state did not lose the talent to look at things through the prism of restless artistic vision.
Thorough and sentimental, the novel by one of the best "British" writers, Charles Dickens, is not easy to read. With its long descriptions and detailed immersion in the world, it is quite difficult for a modern reader to perceive, so the attempt at a film adaptation, of course, raised the question of adapting the heavy step of the author's style to the rapid consciousness of current recipients.
Director Armando Iannucci managed to create a warm, cozy and attractive world, somewhat conventional, somewhat comedic, but on the whole very cute. An interesting decision to involve actors of different races, regardless of their respective roles and relationships among themselves, is innovative and rather successful. At least this exotic does not cause a feeling of discomfort, and this can already be considered a victory.
But although some elements of the film seem very successful, the integrity of perception is very, very sagging. The film does not carry the main - the leading thought; it does not strive for a super-task, leaving the audience interested, but eager to learn the continuation of the story. Some scenes are entertaining in themselves, but they do not add up to a comprehensive picture of the life, development and acquisition of values by David Copperfield.
What can a modern viewer endure from the film adaptation of a British classic? Enjoy the game? Yes. The pleasure of an artfully created world? Yes. An idea, inspiration, rethinking? No, none of these categories were achieved by the filmmakers. We hope that the tape will at least inspire someone to read the original source and build their own conclusions.
And then we danced
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